Our Entertainment Offerings

From the Internet to disco


For those who want to surf the Web during their stay, there are two Internet stations for free use in the foyer. In addition, the entire ground floor and many rooms have wireless LAN. You can get the access code from the front desk at any time.



Our highly popular Karaoke station brings some variety to your program. The mobile tower where you can find a TV and DVD recorder can be set up at any time in each dining room and in the disco area. This ensures no one is disturbed and that there is enough space for spectacular singing performances.

Who will be the one to hit the most right notes? Caution – the Ennshof is not liable for any aches and pains that occur the next day due to laughter;-).


Table tennis & football

You experience a different approach to sports with our ping pong and foosball tables. You not only need dexterity here but the highest level of concentration. The cognitive abilities are optimally trained – the perfect complement to a learning or sports day.


NEW: Film projections in the creativity centre!

Especially on a rainy day, our new creativity centre makes the ideal cinema. With the acoustic qualities of the multipurpose hall, our projector, and the screen you have got everything that you need for a unique movie just like in the cinema.


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