Seminars can be entertaining too

We provide a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere

Group trips are not only great for common sporting activities – but also for common learning and training! A week away from the everyday grind helps in concentrating on new things. In addition, instructional sessions can be intensified with consecutive instructional days – how would an English language week be for instance?

Whether you are old or young, you are never too old to learn. We naturally provide you with appropriate space!

Three fully equipped seminar rooms allow for different groups to use and different subjects to be taught at the same time. If there are a large number of participants, two seminar rooms transform into one large room. Each room is equipped with an overhead projector, sound system, microphone and flipcharts so that nothing is standing in the way of successful instructional sessions.

When making your reservation, please let us know when and how many rooms you will need so we can organize everything for you!

NEW: Our creativity centre!

Since 2011, there is the fantastic creativity centre our youth hotel in Altenmarkt. The creativity centre is a big hall of 96 square metres, which is perfectly suited for seminars, workshops or group projects.

A special acoustic ceiling makes the rooms ideal for orchestras, choirs or fun karaoke performances. No matter whether it is during a lesson or a small singing contest – you will be impressed by the sound quality.

A karaoke tower as well as a screen and a projector, with which you can turn the creativity centre into a cinema within seconds, are at your disposal in this room.

You can book the hall on-site by the hour, so that nothing gets in the way of the sports and games fun.


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