Our Rooms

It’s rare to find a place with so much flexibility – we have rooms that can be adapted to meet your needs!

The Ennshof

has single and double rooms for small groups or those wanting some privacy. And if you end up on your own for awhile, all rooms in this category naturally have TVs.

Out spacious shared rooms with space for 4 to 6 persons provide a great group atmosphere where you can laugh for hours on end. Each of these rooms is equipped with a television connection.

For large families always looking for just the right offering, we have the perfect solution: a spacious double room that can be expanded to hold up to 4 more persons. Here, parents and children can be near to each other without sacrificing comfort or relaxation. These rooms are also equipped with television connections.

We are pleased to inform you:

that all the rooms have separate showers and toilets. This allows you to live together in harmony even in large groups, guaranteeing a stress-free stay.

The Ennshof in Altenmarkt, Pongau has about 250 beds in total. The large capacity and uniform distribution of rooms on three floors make it possible for groups to be on their own if they want. With the separate areas and ample space to spread out, there is no need for someone to be disturbed by others.

Another advantage of the Ennshof in Altenmarkt, Pongau is that we do not have a minimum number for groups/persons. Whether you come alone, with a partner, or with 10 to 200 persons, you are always welcome at the Ennshof!

Single and Double Rooms

Our beautiful double and single rooms come with contemporary furnishings and offer a pleasant accommodation for your holiday in Altenmarkt in the beautiful Province of Salzburg.

Multi-bed Rooms

Our multi-bed rooms offer a lot of space for small and big groups, classes and holidaymakers. No matter if it is a ski course, sports week, a bigger group or a big family – we offer something for everyone!

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